JERKHIEF: Aaaaah!!!

This page reprints Sonichu #0, page 42.  From my notes on this page:

As we previously saw on page 31, the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha attack causes tremendous pain to the victim.

This is the first of many splash pages in Sonichu which are oriented perpendicularly to the rest of the art.  Chandler always presents such pages sideways, as they wiould appear if collected into a printed comic book, which is unnecessary for a series that has to date been web-exclusive.  I have compensated to save you the trouble of tilting your head to one side.

I try to avoid overanalyzing Chandler’s artwork, since it speaks for itself.  However, I cannot help but point out the lines representing the edges of the floor tiles; none of them are even remotely straight.  I don’t expect Chris to have any particular mastery of perspective (although I should expect it from someone with a CADD degree), but one would think he could have at least used a ruler.